Optional Field Gateway

Optional Field Gateway is an optional companion accessory to the Starter Kit.

The Field Gateway is used at the remote site.  The Field Gateway is not required, but offers an option to using a computer at the remote site.  A typical support session using a Field Gateway would include the following steps:

  • The remote site powers on the Field Gateway (one remote site can be turned on at a time for an unlimited number of sites) and plugs the Field Gateway into the remote site LAN.
  • Using the web interface the technical support person configures the PLC LAN address and Port number desired in this support session and begins the support session.
  • When the session is completed, the remote site powers off the Field Gateway.

The Field Gateway uses a hard wired ethernet port.  The Field Gateway requires that the remote PLC device and the Field Gateway be connected to the same LAN.   The remote site LAN must provide an IP address from a DHCP server and the LAN must have access to the internet.  A connection example of this is shown in Figure 1 below.


PLC Remote Access Field Support Gateway

Figure 1

The Field Gateway includes an experimental mode where the internal wifi NIC can be used to connect to wifi.  Both the RJ-45 ethernet port and the wifi can be used at the same time or separately and configured to use DHCP or static IP addresses.  To configure for this mode the user must attach a monitor, keyboard and mouse to the Field Gateway and manually configure the wifi connection and or if needed manually configure the ethernet port if a static IP is desired.   Once set the port settings are saved and become a permanent set of parameters that the device uses.   The monitor, keyboard and mouse can be removed as they are not necessary for running the unit.   A Field Gateway could be pre-configured at the technical support site by setting up a wifi network with the same SSID and passphrase as would be found at the remote site.  Once configured the parameters are automatically saved in flash memory and the Field Gateway could be shipped or taken to the remote site for use.

Included in this Kit:

Hardware included with the Field Gateway

  • 1 x Gateway Device, with one 10/100 Mbps RJ-45 Ethernet pot, internal wifi NIC, four USB Ports, one HDMI Port (customized build of a Raspberry Pi).
  • 1x UL listed power supply that works on 110-240 VAC input power, 5 foot (152.4 cm) cord length, Micro USB plug.
  • All Field Gateway Software Included.

Field Gateway size: 3.75 x 2.45 x 1.25 inches ( 9.53 x  6.22  x 3.18 cm )

Field Gateway Quick Start Guide

plc remote for remote access gatewayplc remote for remote access power supplyl

             Field Gateway                                                                      Power Supply



plc remote for remote access gateway plc remote for remote access gatewayplc remote for remote access gateway

“Field Gateway” is an optional accessory to the Starter Kit.  When ordering this gateway please leave us a message as to which email address this gateway will be registered to (should be the same email the Tech Support Gateway is registered to).

Pi Based field support gateway

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