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Java issue at remote site computer

If the plcremote app pops up a window briefly and then disappears there is most likely an issue with Oracle’s Java installation.

Download the free Java installer from Oracle at the Link shown below:

Click on this link to download Java

Below are instructions for testing for a correct installation of Java on the remote site computer.

On windows 7 click the start button in the lower left hand corner.

(Click on images below to enlarge)


Type in Run and select Run at the top.


Type in cmd to start a command prompt window.


On windows 10 type in cmd in the search bar in the bottom left hand corner and select command prompt to start a command prompt window.



In the command prompt window type in  java -version  and press the enter key.  You should see a successful report of the version installed, if you don’t then there is an issue with the Java installation, go back and re-install until this test is passed.


An correctly installed version of java or no version installed will report as shown below.






Customer Computer Field Client Issues

You will know the remote site customer computer running the field client software is experiencing issues, if the date and time status shown below on the web page “Manage My Remote” on the website is not showing a current status.

In addition you can also check the field client software App window where you a should see  a connection made to on startup.


Things to check if this is an issue:

  • Install the latest version of Oracle’s Java on the remote site customer computer running the field client.
  • Download the latest copy of the field client App from which is available through your login.
  • If the remote site gateway / router to the internet is blocking the connection, which can happen if IT has blocked TCP ports from connecting to the internet, then open up an outgoing port (allowing the customer computer to connect to the internet) on TCP port 8901 on the gateway/ router.
  • If the antivirus software is blocking the App, allow the App to communicate on TCP port 8901, and/or grant privileges to java.exe