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Some web pages that give a security warning

Q:  Why is it that whenever I open most of your software or web pages I get security warnings and do not proceed untrusted site or untrusted certificate?

A:  The websites were recently updated so the HTML links point to https:// links, which are the encrypted version of web browsing.  The main site should be warning free (see, but the management screens are on a different server (for example and the management server uses a self signed certificate, for more info see Most browsers should let you accept a self signed certificate and remember it in the future. A user can go to the http:// version of those web pages which would be warning free, however,  passwords will be sent over plain text if the unencrypted version is used.


What to buy? What will the customer need?

Q:   I’m not sure what I need. Do I need the pi gateway, or is this an alternative to using the VM?
A:  You could get the pi gateway or VM to run plcremote.   The pi gateway also provides the VM gateway which is available as a download.

<click here for more info on the pi gateway>

<click here for more info on the VM based gateway>

Q:  If I use the pi gateway, can any computer on my office network access the remotes?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Will my customer need to load the client software on their machines?

A:  Yes, but it doesn’t install, it just runs a runtime app.  This software comes with the pi gateway or VM gateway.

Q:  Can customer load the client on each network that has a PC and PLC connected to it, and how do I get into different PC’s?

A:  Yes, but you can only run one PLC connection at a time.   The customer uses the field gateway and it configures the path to the PLC based on your web page management screen settings.


VirtualBox Questions for Soft Tech Support Gateway

Q: How to shutdown the Soft Tech Support Gateway?

A: Always use the exit command inside the virtual machine to issue a normal shutdown command.  This ensures that setting are saved properly.

Q: How important are the virtualbox settings?

A: You should look at the settings examples and make them match.   The operating system selection, and the network configuration settings are particularly critical.   The network needs to be set to bridged mode and must be set to the correct active network interface.

Q: Should I use the Host-Only network option during installation of the software?

A: No.   Do not install this as it has caused some network issues in some cases.

Q:  What is included with the Virtual Machine download?

A: Each registered user has access to their own download area which includes a download for the field client app and a download for the Virtualbox based app.  The Virtualbox app download includes a copy of the virtual machine instance and instructions for setup and runs slightly less than a 90 MB download.   The Virtualbox instance is shipped in the .ova exported appliance format which can be imported into Virtualbox or VMWare.

Q:  How can I check my IP address on my Virtual machine Soft Tech support gateway?

A: The normal method is the use your “Manage My Remote” screen which under normal operating conditions will indicate the IP addresses of the components.   If you are trouble shooting connection issues you can view your IP address inside the virtual machine by starting a Terminal session and issuing an ifconfig command.



Do I have to email the site a new copy of the client software every time I want to log in or is this a service that permanently runs?

Q:  Do I have to email the site a new copy of the client software every time I want to log in or is this a service that permanently runs?

A: Email the client software one time to each site. The exception to this would be if you wanted to give the site a newer version of the client software. The client software copy can be put on unlimited site computers, but only run one client software copy at any time because the support connection is for one at a time. Running one support client at a time is true across all sites. The client software runs as a java application which must be started and stopped, and does not run as a service.  (see How to Get the latest version of Java)

How to get the latest version of software?

Q: How to get the latest version of software?

A: The gateway will automatically check for an update of the software every time it boots up.  If it needs an update, then it will update automatically.  Versions of software can be checked by viewing the from the Manage connections screen.

The latest versions of the Field Client software used at the remote customer site can be downloaded once your logged in.   Just click on the Download menu item as shown below.

Download Menu Item


TCP Ports used by PLC’s ( Programmable Logic Controllers) and HMI/ OIT’s

List of TCP port numbers used by commercial equipment controllers:

  • Allen Bradley – All newer Rockwell PLC’s : 44818 (See List Below for more details)
  • Allen Bradley – Older Rockwell AB PLC5E and SLC5/05 use TCP 2222
  • BECKHOFF Embedded PC: 48898
  • C-more HMI Programming: 9999
  • Danfoss ECL Apex: 5050
  • FATEK FB Series: 500
  • GE Fanus Series 90-30: 18245
  • GE SRTP uses TCP ports 18245 and 18246
  • GE QuickPanels use TCP port: 57176
  • HITACHI EHV Series: 3004
  • KEYENCE KV-5000: 8501
  • Korenix 6550: 502
  • Koyo Ethernet: 28784
  • LS GLOFA FEnet: 2004
  • LS XGB FEnet: 2004
  • LS XGK FEnet: 2004
  • Memobus (Yaskawa MP Series Controllers): 502
  • Mitsubishi FX: 1025
  • MITSUBISHI FX3u (Ethernet): 5001
  • MITSUBISHI MELSEC-Q (Ethernet): 4999
  • MITSUBISHI MR-MQ100 (Ethernet): 4999
  • MITSUBISHI QJ71E71 (Ethernet): 5002
  • MODBUS TCP/IP (Ethernet): 502
  • MODBUS Server (Modbus RTU Slave): 502
  • Omron PLC: 9600
  • Panasonic FP (Ethernet): 9094
  • Panasonic FP2 (Ethernet): 8500
  • Parker Drives using MODBUS TCP/IP (Ethernet): 502
  • Red Lion HMI’s:  789
  • SAIA S-BUS (Ethernet): 5050
  • Schleicher XCX 300: 20547
  • Siemens S7 protocol uses TCP port: 102
  • Toshiba Series PLC’s uses Modbus port: 502
  • Trio (MODBUS RTU, TCP/IP): 502
  • Unitronics Socket1 – TCP slave: 20256
  • Unitronics Socket2 – TCP slave: 502
  • Unitronicsw Socket3 – TCP slave: 20257
  • Wago CODESYS – TCP: 2455
  • YAMAHA NETWORK BOARD Ethernet RCX series uses telnet port: 23
  • YASKAWA MP Series Ethernet: 10000
  • YASKAWA MP2300Siec: 44818
  • YASKAWA SMC 3010 (Ethernet): 23
  • Yokogawa FA-M3 (Ethernet): 12289


Newer Rockwell Allen Bradley Detailed Equipment List for TCP Port 44818
1769-L35E, 1769-L32E
PowerMonitor 1000
PowerMonitor 3000
PowerMonitor 5000
RSLinx Classic
RSLinx Enterprise

Older Rockwell Allen Bradley Equipment List TCP Port 2222
PowerMonitor II
PowerMonitor 1000
PowerMonitor 3000
PowerMonitor 5000
RSLinx Classic