What to buy? What will the customer need?

Q:   I’m not sure what I need. Do I need the pi gateway, or is this an alternative to using the VM?
A:  You could get the pi gateway or VM to run plcremote.   The pi gateway also provides the VM gateway which is available as a download.

<click here for more info on the pi gateway>

<click here for more info on the VM based gateway>

Q:  If I use the pi gateway, can any computer on my office network access the remotes?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Will my customer need to load the client software on their machines?

A:  Yes, but it doesn’t install, it just runs a runtime app.  This software comes with the pi gateway or VM gateway.

Q:  Can customer load the client on each network that has a PC and PLC connected to it, and how do I get into different PC’s?

A:  Yes, but you can only run one PLC connection at a time.   The customer uses the field gateway and it configures the path to the PLC based on your web page management screen settings.