Java issue at remote site computer

If the plcremote app pops up a window briefly and then disappears there is most likely an issue with Oracle’s Java installation.

Download the free Java installer from Oracle at the Link shown below:

Click on this link to download Java

Below are instructions for testing for a correct installation of Java on the remote site computer.

On windows 7 click the start button in the lower left hand corner.

(Click on images below to enlarge)


Type in Run and select Run at the top.


Type in cmd to start a command prompt window.


On windows 10 type in cmd in the search bar in the bottom left hand corner and select command prompt to start a command prompt window.



In the command prompt window type in  java -version  and press the enter key.  You should see a successful report of the version installed, if you don’t then there is an issue with the Java installation, go back and re-install until this test is passed.


An correctly installed version of java or no version installed will report as shown below.