Announcement – *New* Starter Kit with a Soft Tech Support Gateway

Announcing a new software based tech support gateway.

The soft tech support gateway is a Virtualbox VM version that can be used in addition to the hardware tech support gateway by existing customers. For a copy of the new software download existing, users log into the Manage My Remote screen on the website and navigate to the Download screen. Instructions are included with the download.

New customers can purchase this download only option instead of purchasing the hardware Pi based tech support gateway.

This Starter kit has everything you need to get started.

Includes a software based Tech Support Gateway and one year pre-paid software subscription to PLC Remote Access.

Included in this software Kit:

A software based tech support gateway that runs on your PC (available for download after purchase) Download comes in the form of a Virtualbox virtual machine instance.
1 year pre-paid subscription.

Requirements for the virtualbox VM instance:

VirtualBox software (available free from
Your software can be exported from VitualBox and imported into VMware